Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Beginnings


Hello I'm Stephen Murphy and I lost my first blog in the blogsphere. Now its time for new beginnings.

I've just relocated with my soul mate Terri to the Sunshine Coast (British Columbia) where we have set up our studios in the beautiful hamlet of Roberts Creek. We love the creative and community orientated nature of the "Gumboot Nation"and we now consider ourselves as "Creekers". It's been full steam ahead studio building in between setting up house, visiting with friends, entertaining wonderful guests, etc.This is my arty blog but it has a sad start. We lost a studio buddy. Pepper is now our lone studio buddy.


Rocky and Sparky

 Our beloved Jack Russell mix, Sparky (AKA The Cuddler) went on his last sojourn on Sunday April 15th as he strayed into the path of an oncoming car. It all happened so suddenly. Thanks to the kind gentleman who stopped his car and tried to help. Special thanks to our wonderful neighbours who took Terri and the Sparkster to the vets but alas he passed, his little heart gave out. He passed quickly without pain. And very special thanks to that special person in my life who had the strength and compassion to walk that long, long road to the farm next door and tell me that the little guy had gone. I just didn't get it at first and then was in disbelief. Now I am in grief.

It is so sad and we have been grieving here since then.  I know all of you who met him will shed a tear too as you read this.
He is survived by our 12 yr old Pepper, the ever faithful Lab x Blue Healer (That was deliberate!) Sparky was a ray of light in this life, a real companion and soul dog to our ageing Pepper. He became a playmate and great friend to the Pep and a good friend to our beloved, recently passed, Rocky the Greyhound. Sadly his wildly adventurous nature took him on the next "big" adventure.

Sparky was a rescue dog too, I immediately fell in love the little guy when good friend Janice brought him over for a visit (Knowing full well that sucky Stephen would not be able to resist), so when Terri got back from vacation there was book, shoe, anything chewer Sparky wagging his little tail hello. It didn't take long for him to em-bed (Yes he was a bed worm too!) himself into Terri's life. He was pure love, of the most unconditional kind and I want him to know just how special he was to us and what a great teacher he was. I can only say that I have still so much to learn from him. Thank you Sparky.

I have cryed my eyes out the past couple of days and my keyboard is suffering tear drop syndrome as I write. However it is time celebrate the little Fukkers life.

The Sparkster was just a bundle of joy who wholeheartly welcomed everyone at the door with a rowdy harmless yap and his jump in your face hospitality. He was a "people"  dog who shared his unbound love and affection for all who entered our door. This dog saw no differance in people. He just shined his great love on all. And he was a sparkle and I will look into the sky at night and see him beaming down his love on us all.

His life was short but intense. He was a mere 3 years old and we had him for two of the best. He was the Houdini of dogs. He managed to open windows, slip through mere cracks, escape from locked cages (true story) and just plain wanted to go on an adventure or be with his human parents. He hated being left at home even though he had his doggie buddies. He would scratch and claw his way out, could jump a fence in a single bound, dig under it, you name it, he wanted adventure. Escape record... to numerous to list. I guess he should have been a cat but he used up those nine lives long ago

We met bears in the back yard, foraged the beaches, climbed trails and yes he was a seafood lover (had a particular affection for seaweed and mussels, well anything that looked like food really) He loved his walks and liked being part of the pack. The word 'Walkies' resulted in one being set upon by a leash hungry animal.

He was the worlds best cuddler and bed worm; Was the warmest hot water bottle and loved to squeeze beneath the covers and us!  Terri had just started him on agility training and he was improving weekly. He was very fast all be it not that obedient. But he was learning and loved it. I guess its time to stop now as I could go on and on.

Sparky we love you, you were the light of our life.


  1. I',m so story Janice.,We will call.

    1. http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22067357

      It may be too soon, but then you don't want to be alone when Terri goes away. Check out this guy - he is calling me from the page, from Langley. How far away is Langley?

  2. our very best friends. My condolences

  3. Just back from Africa Stephen and I am so sorry for your loss. They really do insinuate themselves into our lives. Would love to catch up with you both one day. Roberts Creek sounds great.